the rookery at glenholme kirkcudbright
self-catering cottage

The Wild Garden and Pond

The Wild Garden is covered with snowdrops and crocuses in the early months of the year and with bluebells in the spring. In summer the umbelliferae grow up in the shade of the Scots pines and the sycamores.

The margins of the pond are planted with primroses, cowslips and daffodils which are bright in Spring. A host of hardy geraniums, flag irises, fox gloves, candelabra primulas and leafy ferns come into their own a little later in the season. There are water lilies now and we have started growing watercress, too. Water boatmen skim across the surface. There are tadpoles in spring and, if you are lucky, you might see a newt peering out from underneath a water lily.